Chemical Director / Stylist - Staff

yokoYoko is a second generation hair stylist in her family, and has an impressive background in introducing new styling, cutting, coloring and straightening techniques. As Sada International Salon's Chemical Director, she creates custom color and texture solutions that accentuate each person's best features.

After graduating from beauty school in Japan, Yoko trained at the Japan Color Academy. Her unique background includes working with the C.N.C. Hair Academy Association and M.H. Advance Technic Association, where she helped to originate new techniques and styles that would be featured in the media and generate the latest trends.

"We organized hairstyle competitions and hair shows," explains Yoko. "Our group created the first method of Japanese hair straightening. I helped to develop the system, and taught the method to cosmetologists."

Yoko specializes in Japanese hair straightening and Keratin straightening. "Everyone has a different face, hair texture and lifestyle," she says. "I personalize a look for each individual that maximizes their hair's natural qualities and brings out their beauty."