Hair Cuts for Men, Women and Children


Includes Shampoo, Cut and Blow-Dry

Director    $75+

Stylist I     $60+

Stylist II    $55+

Bangs Trimmed    $7+

Neck Trimmed    $10+


Includes Shampoo, Cut and Finish

Director   $45+

Stylist I-II  $33+

High School Ages 15-18

Includes Shampoo and Blow-Dry

Director    $60+

Stylist I-II  $45+

Middle school and Children Ages 14 and under

Includes Shampoo, Cut and Finish

Director $60+

Stylist I-II $35+

Hair Color & Highlights


Chemical Director  $75+

Stylist 1  $65+

INOA Color  $90+

Menz Color  $35+

*Extra charge for additional colors. Corrective Color price will vary according to consultation.
*Chemical Director requires a consultation before booking any appointment.
*Corrective color price will vary according to consultation.


Accent Highlight  $25+

Partial Highlight  $100+

Full Highlight  $125+

*Extra charge for additional colors.

Perms, Straighteners and Treatments


Partial Perm  $85+

Full-Head Perm $100+

Spiral Perm  $180+

Relaxers and Straighteners

Relaxer  $85+

Amazon Smoothout  $85+**

Perfection  $200+**

Japanese Straightener  $380+**

** Requires a consultation before booking an appointment.
** For Japanese Straightener a 20% deposit is required at time of booking.
One week notice is required for a full refund of your deposit, in case of cancellation.


Conditioning Treatment  $25+

Malibu Treatment

For Swim & Well Water Treatment  $35+

Hair Glaze  $30+

Rebonding  $30+

Nail Care Services

Manicure  $18

Parrafin Treatment, with Manicure  $10+
Great for arthritic or overworked hands.

Polish Change (Hands)  $10+

Pedicure  $35

Spa Pedicure  $45
Includes an extra exfoliating scrub and a foot masque for calloused feet.

“Mini” Pedicure  $20
An ideal in-between pedicure option for the person on the go. Includes foot bath, cuticle treatment, nail cutting, filing and buffing, and application of lotion and polish. Callous removal is not included.

Polish Change (Feet) $15

French Polish  $5+

Kids Manicure (under 12)  $15

Kids Pedicure (under 12)  $20

Acrylic Nail Services

Full Set  $55

Fill  $35

(Rapair) Nail  $4+ per nail

Shellac Nail Service

Manicure  $35

Pedicure  $50

Spa Pedicure  $55

Hair Extensions

Tape In $50 per 30 minutes.

  * Consultation required before choosing hair extensions. $50 per 30 minutes.

  * Free consultations are available.

  * A 24 Hour notice is required for a cancellation

  * Prices and services vary by stylist.

  * Prices my change without notice.

  * A $100 non-refundatble deposit is required when purchasing hair extensions.

Eyelash Extensions

Single Layer  $120+

Refill 60+

Please call to make a reservation. High school and college students recieve discounts.


Eyebrow  $15

Lip  $12

Chin  $15

Lip and Brow  $25

Special Occasion Styling

Sada International is pleased to offer services that will help you look your best for your special day – whether it be your Wedding, a prom, a formal event or any important occasion. Special occasion styling requires a consultation prior to the event, with a 40 percent deposit due at the time of booking. Three weeks notice is required for a full refund of your deposit, in case of cancellation.

Charges for special occasions vary depending upon the services you have requested. A detailed estimate will be given to you at the time of your consultation. Up-dos begin at $60.